Adams products are fantastic! I have both the coconut balm and the lip love lip balm and both products work wonders. They are natural and leave the skin soft and hydrated. Would recommend these products to everyone!

Addie Levy

I have been using the skincare balms for some 16 years when I first attended the Tamworth country and music festival. I bought two containers of Phillip’s skincare products as a trial. The products are excellent for my skin and they are the only products I have used since my initial purchase. I live in Perth and purchase 12-15 cases every year. My skin is very healthy and people often ask what I use. I will continue to purchase on-line as I have done all these years.

Linda Footman

Highly recommended, I've been using the bottom balm on my daughter since birth (only product I use on her bottom) and it's amazing. I also use it on my skin, under my eyes and to hydrate my lips!

Mohamad Elsamad

We used the Universal Tree Tea Balm on a severe skin rash that had previously been treated with other creams and antibiotics. The rash only disappeared after using the balm for a few days! We loved the product and would highly recommend it!

Elizabeth Sandwith

Brilliant product along with great service and expertise. I regularly use the Adams Balm Eucalyptus Chest Balm, especially during flu season. I would recommend this to anyone.

Brendan Brosnan

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