Australian Made, Natural Body Scrub

All-natural Australian treatment with the milled organic sea salt and Rosehip oil.

Exfoliates. Deep Cleanses. Moisturises. Gives a youthful glow.

History: An amazing treatment that originated to help medical professionals take care of their hands.  Their frequent hand washing using harsh, anti-bacterial soap left their hands raw, dry and prematurely aged. This unique product is universal in its simple pure and natural treatment that is not only for your body, moisturise and exfoliate all in one. It is amazing for replenishing the moisture in one easy application. Healthy skin is a positive extension of our self-esteem and provide us with a confident and outward approach to life.

Unique to our Body scrub, it contains the finest milled organic sea salt making it safe for everyday use. It gently exfoliates the skin to allow its pure healing and the moisturising vitamins and oils in the formulation to penetrate more deeply into the skin. Used by babysitters to bricklayers

After the first application you can see and feel the difference. Your skin will feel cleansed, moisturised and revitalized. Feel rejuvenated from the incredibly youthful and fresh appearance of your skin and, from the essential of Lavender, Litsea cubeba and Tea tree which will enhances your senses. Skin rejuvenating and hydrating, Body scrub helps to keep wrinkles at bay while promoting a youthful and vibrant fresh appearance.

Application Instructions: Mix the contents thoroughly, apply with your hands or a body glove and gently cleanse your face, hands or body. Wash off the excess with water and towel dry for an amazing result.